3 Developmental Benefits of Sand Play With Sandy the Beach Doll

3 Developmental Benefits of Sand Play With Sandy the Beach Doll

Did you know that sand play has huge benefits for your little one’s development?

Children who play in the sand with Sandy the Beach Doll, whether at the beach or in a backyard sandbox, experience a tactile world of texture that engages multiple senses. They experience warm vs. cool sand, dry vs. wet sand and a moldable, fluid surface.

On top of that, three critical areas of development happen during sand play.

  1. Motor skills. Sand play requires hand-eye coordination and strengthens muscles as children scoop, shape, and balance on the sand. Sandy the Beach Doll encourages children to shovel and poor sand to fill Sandy. Try it: Children can fill Sandy with dry and wet sand to experience the difference in weight and texture.

  2. Language and Social skills. Sand play is fun with friends and encourages communication. Little ones also learn social skills like sharing and teamwork when they play with Sandy the Beach Doll. And Sandy is just as great for solo play, allowing children to interact with a “friend.” Try it: Help your kids practice their language skills by drawing letters and words in the sand.

  3. Thinking skills. Imaginations come alive as children think of creative ways to engage with sand. From telling a story with Sandy to building a sandcastle, sand play exercises the mind as well as the body. Your little one will also learn how to problem solve—like adding water to make the sand stick together. Try it: Have your little ones try dumping out a sandcastle form with dry sand vs. wet sand to see how water changes the stability of sand.

Sand play builds so many wonderful memories with friends and family. No matter what your little ones do: dig until their hole fills with water, bury themselves in the sand, or watch the sand crabs, it’s sure to be fun!