4 Fun Ways To Play With Sandy the Beach Doll

4 Fun Ways To Play With Sandy the Beach Doll

My two girls love playing with Sandy the Beach Doll —not just at the beach. In fact, Sandy has become our go-to toy for any sand or water-related activities. She helps my girls develop their motor skills and creativity while also being no fuss and easy to clean.

Here are 4 fun ways I’ve found to include Sandy the Beach Doll in playtime:

🏖   Beach Day

Sandy was created as a beach toy. She’s the perfect companion for summer vacations or just down the street if you live near the water. And best of all, this beach doll has no matted hair or sand you can never get out. She even comes with her own sand shovel so she can help build sandcastles.

✨   Sandbox play

Sandy is just as much fun in a backyard sandbox if you can't get to the beach.  Give your kids a break from the typical sandbox toys with a doll that can play just as hard as they can. When they are done, rinse Sandy out with the garden hose and allow her to dry overnight. 


🛁   Bath time

My girls adore bath time when they have a bath toy in hand. Just as Sandy can withstand the saltwater and sand at the beach, she can be filled to the brim with bubbly bath water. My girls fill her up, dump her out (preferably not on each other), and never want bath time to end.


😎   Pool party!

What’s better than a pool party? Bringing a fun pool toy to the party! Sandy makes a regular appearance at my girls’ pool time. Whether she’s swimming, diving, or floating on a raft alongside my girls, Sandy brings an added joy to pool time.


As you can see, there are lots of ways to play with Sandy the Beach Doll. We love to hear from Sandy’s friends, so let us know how your kids play with Sandy! Drop us a line here or @sandybeachdoll on Instagram.